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The History War

The History War

by Larry Towell

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The History War is a book of photographs, collages and ephemera beginning with a timeline that starts in the 5th century. It’s six chapters document the Maidan uprising, the Chernobyl wasteland where Soviets began to lose faith in the system, the eastern Donbass of neglected coal miners and de-occupied ruins, an embed with the Ukrainian Army, the separatists, and finally the Russian invasion of Ukraine including crimes against humanity in Bucha.

This project is an important testament to a political crisis that will shape international relations and reverberate through the decades to come. It also challenges a world oversaturated with news pictures.

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Published Autumn 2024
240 x 310 mm
116 pages
ISBN 978-1-910401-33-0

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  • Larry Towell (born 1953, Canada), was the son of a car repairman and grew up in a large family in rural Ontario. He studied visual arts at Toronto’s York University where he was given a camera and taught how to process black and white film. Following volunteer work in Calcutta in 1976, he began to photograph and write. Upon his return to Canada, he taught folk music to support himself and his family and became a freelance photographer and writer in 1984, focusing on the dispossessed, exile, and peasant rebellion when he completed testimonial projects on the Nicaraguan Contra war and the relatives of the disappeared in Guatemala. His first published magazine essay, Paradise Lost, exposed the ecological consequences of the catastrophic Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska’s Prince William Sound. In 1996, Towell completed a project based on ten years of reportage in El Salvador, followed the next year by a major book, Then Palestine. With the help of the inaugural Henri Cartier-Bresson Award, he finished a second highly acclaimed book on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in 2005, and in 2008 released the award-winning The World From My Front Porch, a project on his own family in rural Ontario where he sharecrops a 75-acre farm. Afghanistan was released in 2014 based on six years of reportage on that war.

    Larry is also a gifted musician and songwriter, author of five music/poetry CDs, and a soon-to-be-released triple vinyl LP of original ballads entitled The Man I Left Behind.