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JML NYC 02-23 - Signed

JML NYC 02-23 - Signed

by Joseph Michael Lopez

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The photographs in JML NYC 02-23 were made over two decades as Joseph Michael Lopez traversed the streets of the boroughs of New York by foot. Devoid of the visual tropes associated with the city, the images instead present a vision of New York as it was experienced.

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Each picture is carefully composed of an untold story, happening before and continuing after the frame. They show details of the city: a man sprawled on the floor of a train, the spray from a city fountain, a bird in flight, a shard of light on park railings, a crying child being carried down subway steps and couples lost in each other. The people in the photographs appear constantly in motion,
moving in and out of frame against the static backdrop of angular city details and architectural canyons. Collectively the photographs in JML NYC 02-23 impart not how the city looks, but how it feels.

'Lopez sees and uses light as a liberator .... to liberate darkness from death to give light the mystery it commands as a force of nature.. and to illuminate his vast emotive and profound concerns about being alive and about seeing itself. he is one of the best.' Larry Fink.

September 2024
215 x 290mm
112pp, 55 images
ISBN 978-1-915423-46-7

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  • Joseph Michael Lopez - J M L, (b. 1973) was born in New York City to a Puerto Rican father and a mother who escaped the Cuban revolution in 1967. He graduated from Columbia University with an MFA in 2011. Lopez began his career as an analog cinematographer on Bruce Weber film, Chop Suey (2001). His work has appeared on the covers of M, The Magazine for Leica M Photography, Leica Fotografie International, The Sunday Review of The New York Times, New York Magazine and The New Yorker, amongst others. Lopez’s work was included in the exhibition ‘Cuban Photography after 1980: Selections from the Museum’s Collection’ at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. In 2016, a commissioned series of his photographs of New York neighbourhoods, ‘New York at Its Core: Future City Lab’, was installed at The Museum of the City of New York. Photographs from JML NYC, were included in Bystander: A History of Street Photography, by Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz.

  • ‘This body of work encompasses a span of over two decades of living with a camera while developing a cinematographic vocabulary that operates in a multitude of interlocking halves: expression and comprehension, trauma and escape, private and public, the sensualist impulse meeting the familial. These visceral photographs are less about the city as a place, and more about what the city is in my mind, and in my heart: the emotions, the questions, the desires I’ve experienced, and discovered.’

    - Joseph Michael Lopez