When we lie down, grasses grow from us

Karolina Gembara



Published November 2019
218 x 257 mm, 96 pp
45 full colour images
Hardback cloth quarter bound, foil debossed
ISBN 978-1-910401-37-8

Press: Aesthethica, PDN, It’s Nice ThatFotoRoom


In 2009 Karolina Gembara moved to Delhi to learn photography and stayed for seven years. When we lie down, grasses grow from us, comprises photographs taken during this period, as Gembara developed a love/hate relationship with the city, borne out of a combination of fascination, homesickness and a feeling of transience. “The pictures I took during those years speak about that craving for comfort in the big city, and the loneliness that accompanied us every day. They also reveal my own need for a home and an attempt to create one.” Karolina Gembara

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