The Parallel State Special Edition – 2 Prints

Guy Martin


Published in December 2018
Limited edition of 15 copies
270x225x50 mm, Handmade cloth-bound box
Included in the box is 2 signed and numbered
10’x8’ inch C-Type prints on Fuji Crystal Archive
photographic paper.

245 x 185 mm (portrait)
232 pp, 135 full colour illustrations,
5 alternate sections on thinner stock
Hardback, paperbound foil block French folded jacket
that opens up to A2 replica of a vintage Turkish movie
poster – 4 different jackets
Essays by Pelin Turgut, Piotr Zalweski
ISBN 978-1-910401-22-4

Please be aware that when ordering a book,
a cover will be allocated to you at random.

Special edition 1 print and book with a print available


The Parallel State by photographer Guy Martin is a multi-layered project which began life as an examination of the Turkish soap opera and film industry, but evolved over the course of five years, into a semi-fictional study of truth, reality and lies in contemporary Turkey.




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