The Last Testament Special Edition

Jonas Bendiksen


Limited edition of 150 copies
A signed and numbered book and a print (9 x 12 inches).
This book edition comes with a red chapter ribbon.
65 x 240 mm
464 pages
Flexi cover with cloth/foiled on front and spine and back

Box Cloth cover, foil at the front.
ISBN 978-1-59711-428-8

Signed edition available


In 2014, Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen embarked
upon a project to chronicle seven men who publicly claim
to be the biblical Messiah. This project took Bendiksen
on a journey from England, Brazil, Russia, South Africa,
Zambia, Japan and the Philippines to document these
seven men, united in their faith that they themselves
are the Chosen One, and have come to save the world.


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