The Good Citizen

Benjamin Rasmussen


Late February 2023
Text by Frank H. Wu
200 x 250mm
240 pages, 131 Images
Hardback clothback
ISBN 978-1-910401-80-4

Signed edition available
Special edition available soon

Press: VICE, AnOther magazine

The Good Citizen explores how American society came to be what it is today. Over a period of eight years, photographer Benjamin Rasmussen travelled to 43 states and was introduced to over 500 people as he investigated the impact of the country’s complex history on contemporary society. In this new book, Rasmussen’s photographs are combined with essays by Frank H. Wu­ and collectively they seek to provoke thought and conversation around the complicated nature of American identity.

‘Who was freely invited into this space and who wasn’t? In what ways are the ripples of our past seen in our present? How can we engage more honestly with our history?’  Benjamin Rasmussen

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