The Book of Veles – 2nd Printing

Jonas Bendiksen



Third printing available for pre-order here

Published November 2021

220 x 165 mm, 148 pages
65 images, 19 reproduction of historical pages

Hardback with thin boards

Cover with satin silver foil on a fake leather material


Press: Collector Daily, Petapixel, UOL, Oslobodenje ,Creative Review, Los Angeles Review of Books, La Vanguardia, Magnum Photos, Washington Post, Wired, Le Monde, El Pais, Les InRocks, Liberation, Codastory, CBA Radio Blind Magazine, Psychology Today, A Small Voice Podcast Buzzfeed News, Imitative Photography, Forhanna, France Culture, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Respekt, Weekendavisen, NRK Radio, Information, Marianne, NRC, Journalisten, Klassekampen, LFI Magazine

Jonas Bendiksen’s exploration of the North Macedonian town of Veles mixes fake news and documentary photography with ancient Slavic mythology. Through this project, Bendiksen seeks to pose critical questions around photography, trust and the representation of reality.

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