David Robinson


Published July 2018

196 x 254 mm

40 pages

Hardback quarter clothbound, foiled front cover
ISBN 978-1-910401-24-8

More about this project

Penny Bun Helps Save the World, an illustrated book for all ages, tells the story of a gang of mushrooms and their attempt to save the forest. Artist David Robinson, uses real mushrooms to meticulously create luminograms which lend the book its distinctive visual style.

The protagonist of the fungi tale is Penny Bun, whose forest home is under threat from developers who wish to destroy the fragile ecosystem that supports mushroom, plant and human life. The story is told through analogue luminograms which Robinson creates by placing on photographic paper on the plate of an enlarger and exposed to different light intensities. Each exposure produces a unique print, shaped the interplay of light, colour and texture of the mushrooms.

Robinson, originally from Northern Ireland but based in the East-End of London, is co-founder of Sporeboys, a mushroom street-food kitchen which tours food markets in London and events across the UK. His first book, The Mushroom Picker – Penny Bun’s Great Escape (2012) was featured in The Independent Magazine, Wallpaper*, AnOther and Ernest Journal amongst others. Since his first book, Robinson has been perfecting his process and the sophistication and detail of his images.



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