The Mennonites Special Edition 2

Larry Towell


Shipping December 2022
250 x 185 mm, 288 pages
131 duotone images
Hardback clothbound, in slipcase with black ribbon

Option of three different 11 x 14” prints available
Each one is sold with an additional 6.9 x 9.8” print El Cuervo (Casas Grandes Colonies), Chihuahua, Mexico, 1992, same as in Special 1

Edition of 20 each
Silver gelatin print made in the darkroom directly from the artist’s original negative
Signed and numbered
Prints available (1 out of 3):

1. Durango Colony, Durango, Mexico, 1994
2. La Batea Colony, Zacatecas, Mexico,1992
3. Kent Country, Ontario, Canada, 1996

Standard edition available
Special edition 1 available

Press: Blind, Hyperallergic, British Journal of Photography, Photojournalism Now, Washington PostPublico, Polka, LFI magazine, HUCK magazineObserver New Review


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In 1989, I discovered them in my own back yard, landhungry and dirt poor. They came looking for work in the vegetable fields and fruit orchards of Lambton, Essex, Kent and Haldimand-Norfolk Counties. I liked them a lot because they seemed otherworldly and therefore completely vulnerable in a society in which they did not belong and for which they were not prepared. Because I liked them, they liked me, and although photography was forbidden, they let me photograph them. That’s all there was to it.

Larry Towell photographed the Old Colony Mennonites in rural Ontario and Mexico between 1990 and 1999. The resulting black and white photographsaccompanied by an extensive text drawn from diary notes and ‘the silt of the memory’—formed Towell’s landmark bookThe Mennonites, first published in 2000. This revised and updated second edition revisits the project and includes 40 previously unpublished photographs.


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