Gli Isolani (The Islanders) Special Edition

Alys Tomlinson


Shipping from March 2023
Essay by Sabrina Mandanici
240 x 300 mm portrait format
118 pages + a foldout, 51 images
Hardback clothbound
ISBN 978-1-910401-76-7

Collector’s edition of 50 (each print)
Handmade, clothbound slipcase with a signed book and a limited edition 10×8″ print (1 out of the 2):
1 – ‘Il Diavolo, Prizzi, Sicily’ available as 10×8 limited edition gelatin sliver print signed and numbered on verso
2 – ‘Maschere a Gattu, Sarule, Sardinia’ available as 10×8 limited edition gelatin sliver print signed and numbered on verso


Standard edition and signed edition available

Press: Analog Forever magazine, F Stop magazinePublico, POLKA magazine, Reponses Photo, Alamy, All About Photo, EXIT magazine, The New Statesman, Craft, Yield magazine, ARTDOC, Phases magazine, dLui magazine La Repubblica, BJP, Creative Review, Black & White PhotographyThe Observer


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The photographs in Gli Isolani (The Islanders) by Alys Tomlinson, inhabit a hinterland between fiction and reality. Over a period of two years, Tomlinson documented the traditional costumes and masks worn during festivals and celebrations on the islands of the Venetian lagoon, Sicily and Sardinia.

The images will be published for the first time in this new book, Gli Isolani (The Islanders), and exhibited at Hacklebury Fine Art, London from 7 September – 29 October 2022.

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