A Typology of British Cherry Blossom

Sam Vale


Published May 2019

130 x 185 mm

256 pages
Hardback clothbound, foil debossed front and spine

Printed in a limited edition of 323 copies, on oldmill archival paper
ISBN 978-1-910401-11-8


There are 323 indiginous cherry trees to the UK and so we are printing
323 copies of this book. Each will include a cherry blossom petal, dried
and pressed. With 323 varieties, each book will be a unique –  signed
and numbered by Sam Vale


‘The joy of collecting is driven by noticing what is overlooked and cherishing the connected items for their individual characteristics. In the presentation of this collectionit is hoped that the beautiful qualities and patterns of the project can come to the fore and demonstrate the value of looking again at things that might at first seem indistinguishable’.



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