What is the ICP / GOST First Photo Book Award?
The ICP / GOST First Photo Book Award aims to promote the work of previously unpublished photographers and artists, and to foster new photographic work through the publication of a first book by the ICP / GOST imprint.

Who can apply?
Any artist(s) working in the medium of photography whose work has yet to be published in book form by a mainstream publisher. Artists who have previously self-published are still eligible to apply.

Is there an age limit for the applicants?
No. There is no age limit. The ICP and GOST encourage artists of all ages to apply so long as they meet the entry requirements.

What will the winner receive?
A first book designed, edited, printed and published by ICP / GOST imprint, including distribution, press and promotion. The winner also receives a portion of personal copies of the book from the first print run.

When is the shortlist announced?
The shortlist will be announced in the winter.

What does the application fee go towards?
The application fee goes towards the administration of the prize and the production of the final book. The book production process includes editing and sequencing, designing of interior and cover, copyediting and proofreading, printing and on-press supervision, shipping and international distribution, as well as press and marketing of the title.

I work in collaboration with another artist. Is the project still eligible for the Award?
Yes. Single bodies of work by multiple artists and artist collectives are eligible.

What needs to be included with my submission?
The submission must include a selection of 35-100 digital image files, artist CV/Résumé, statement about the work, brief artist bio, and application fee.

Are there specifications for uploading images?
Yes. All images must be 1500 pixels on the long side and uploaded as JPG files.

Am I allowed to submit physical prints instead of uploading digital files?
No. All applications must be done through the online application form. We cannot accept any physical applications and will not be responsible for returning any hard copy applications. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Am I allowed to submit a PDF dummy instead of jpgs?
By asking for submissions as jpgs rather than as PDFs of already designed projects we are creating an even starting point for all work to be viewed in the same format.
GOST books are renowned for the collaborative process of design and editing. Working with an experienced design and editing team is part of what GOST is offering to the winner of the Award. With this in mind, we aren’t looking for work that an artist feels is already ‘complete’ but a more raw selection of work where the artist is open to ideas, and with which we can work together to create a new book. It is the collaborative nature of the process which also differentiates this from dummy book awards.

Do you accept late submissions?
No exceptions will be made for late submissions. Please allow for sufficient time to complete your application. The Call for Entries is now open and will run until 11.59 EST on 9 November 2020. 

Why is the entry fee in dollars?
The awards are a transatlantic collaboration between the ICP and GOST. The logistics for the awards were organised from US, and as the competition has an international audience the decision was made to set the entrance fee in dollars.

How do you define a “mainstream” publisher?
We wanted to ensure that photographers who have only previously self-published or published photo books with small publishing houses and have not benefitted from working with and the support of an established publisher were still eligible to apply. By mainstream publisher, we mean a publisher with established distribution networks, an international publishing presence, and an experienced team to support the project. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are eligible please email

Who gets the proceeds from the sale of the book?
The photographer/artist will receive a portion of the books printed for their own use or to sell directly. The costs and expenses of publishing the book will need to be met by the sale of the remainder of the books.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Please email with any further questions.

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