Clare Strand at Media Space, Science Museum, London

Revelations: Experiments in Photography Until 13 September 2015 Media Space, Science Museum, London. Two works from Clare Strand’s series ‘The Betterment Room’ are included in this new exhibition at Media Space in London. The exhibition examines the influence of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary art featuring some of the rarest images from the … Continued

Lisa Barnard at FotoFest – Houston

Sensor March 26 – May 9, 2015 FotoFest at Silver Street Studios 2000 Edwards Street, Houston Texas, US. Works from Lisa Barnard’s ‘Whiplash Transition’ will be included in SENSOR, a new multi-media, interactive exhibition including an international mix of activists, philosophers, software engineers and artists. Their work is united by its interrogation of the issues … Continued

‘A Handbook for Dog Walkers’ on

‘When photographer Tomáš Werner met his friend’s Pomeranian called Q, it wasn’t long before he put him on a pedestal. For two months, he photographed him on monuments all over Miami that ping with pastel colours and faded art-deco charm.’ A Handbook for Dog Walkers’ by Tomáš Werner has been featured on [1]

Tomáš Werner at ‘Les Boutographies’.

Tomáš Werner’s project ‘A Handbook for Dog Walkers’ has been nominated for the ‘Coup de Coeur Art – Actions Culturale’ prize at the Montpelier Photo Festival ‘Les Boutographies’. Tomáš work will be shown in a permanent projection from 4 – 26 April at the festival. [1]

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