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Alongside our showcase of current titles at the Book Fair, GOST co-director Gordon MacDonald will be taking part in the BOOK LIVE! event on Friday 13th September. The event features speakers from all areas of design and publishing, including Michael Mack (publisher of MACK Books and MAPP), Colin Sackett (artist, book designer and publisher Uniformbooks), Susan Johanknecht (artist, writer, publisher, Subject Leader of MA Book Arts at Camberwell College of Arts), Nick Thurston (artist and co-editor information as material), and Emmanuelle Waeckerle (artist, self-publisher MOIedition, bookRoom director).

The event will offer attendees the opportunity to join in the discussion on current print and digital publishing practices, and put their questions to the panel.

Friday 13 September, 12pm - 1.15pm
Free, booking essential
Please call the Information Desk 020 7522 7888 to check ticket availability and to book.

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